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About CyberNewsWire

We're changing how newswires work.

CyberNewsWire is a newswire syndication platform for cybersecurity companies. Using a hyper-targeted approach, companies use CyberNewsWire to broadcast news on leading media outlets in the world of cybersecurity.
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We know your PR struggle.

CyberNewsWire was built by PR pioneers and marketing professionals. Fusing our PR expertise with years of experience in SEO and content marketing, we strive to give our clients results that actually move the needle.

Our values

Guaranteed Results

We guarantee to deliver 100% of what we offer. We believe press release distribution should be a simple, zero-risk effort.

PR That Works

We make sure our press releases actually get seen, by landing them on the homepages of our publishers' websites.

Transparant Communication

We constantly communicate with our clients through Telegram and email to provide the user experience they deserve.

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